The Gift of Women’s Health

Written By: Clare Lovelace

This season is a great opportunity to embrace the true spirit of the holidays! We can all minimize the time and money spent on buying poorly made consumer items that will ultimately end up in landfills by using our hearts, thinking smart and ‘Gifting Outside the Box’! Many organizations and charities have great gift options that will also make the world a better place. This season, Raising The Village’s Gift It Twice Campaign has amazing gifts that are perfect for everyone on your list

In rural Uganda inadequate training and facilities mean that many women and girls are unable to manage their monthly period in a dignified manner. There is a huge lack of sustainable sanitary protection which forces many women and girls to use old clothing, rags, or newspapers. This causes girls to miss school because they are being subjected to teasing and shaming. When a girl misses too many school days, her academic performance suffers and she is very likely to drop out of school altogether.

The Menstrual Health Management program allows girls to stay in school longer, which in turn will provide them with better wages and more income to invest into their families.

This is just not good enough! Over the last year we’ve implemented a successful pilot project with our partner Days for Girls in the village of Nanga that provides Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) kits for girls of school age. This equips them with the dignity and respect they deserve, making it easier for them to stay in education and build their own futures.

The next time you’re wondering what to get that woman in your life who has it all, step away from the expensive bags, shoes and jewellery (she’s probably got way more than she knows what to do with) and get her a gift that epitomizes the true spirit of Christmas.  When you purchase this gift, your loved one will receive a postcard letting them know that a donation has been made towards women’s health and education in Uganda on your behalf.  You’ll not only be changing lives across the globe but you’ll be inspiring friends and family in Canada or wherever you are in the world, encouraging  people to break away from the consumer frenzy and use their heart and their minds instead.  Now that’s something to really warm the cockles this festive season!

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Click here to visit the e-store!

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  1. Great gift you shared with women health.

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