Sound Of Change Music Festival Throw Back Recap

Written By: Kataryna Patsak

We’re Throwing it Back this Monday! In case you missed The Sound of Change music festival on May 16 in support of Raising The Village and want to live vicariously through someone that did or want to relive your own great experience of attending we’ve got just the post for you!On a chilly Friday evening Adelaide Hall was the place to be. Standing in line waiting to go inside with a few people in front talking about their excitement to see Fast Romantics it seemed to be the beginning of a good night. This first impression was completely right, once inside, Adelaide Hall proved to be a great venue with plenty of space on the ground floor in front of the stage, standing almost anywhere guaranteed a great view of the artists. If standing on the densely packed ground floor vying for a spot in front of the stage wasn’t your thing there was a second floor which was pretty much a low balcony overlooking the whole stage downstairs.

Iris’ performance set a great tone for the night, if the first set is that good then what does the rest of the night have in store?

When The 6th Letter came out there was a definite change in not only the music but also the energy. Throughout the show I was amazed at the clever lyricism; witty rhymes delivered at a rapid pace or slowed down to keep up with the beat. The 6th Letter also had great interaction with the crowd, hyping everyone up and having us cheer, because sometimes on a Friday night it’s great to raise energy with a few loud cheers. He even got the tech people to change the stage light colours and in the end left the crowd speechless.

The huge difference between these two performances and genres of The 6th Letter and Aukland highlighted just how amazing both set were within their respective fields. The next set featured Aukland who had their CD release that night as well. The band carried on the great energy with me and my friends deciding to move upstairs after a few songs since the crowd was eagerly pushing towards the front and trying to get as close as possible to the band. Even upstairs the energy was high and the band had people dancing and singing along.

Next up was The Fast Romantics, who did not disappoint. They had a great set and kept the crowd moving, dancing and singing the whole time. Funeral Song is amazing live and if you didn’t catch it, you missed out. They played a ton of catchy songs and gave a great performance. It’s easy to see why the band won Pop Group of the Year at the Indie Awards.

Once The Fast Romantics were done the crowd was restless, you could almost feel everyone thinking how long does it take to get the next band set up??? Everyone just wanted the great music to keep going and The Elwins did not disappoint! I’m a sucker for interesting covers so for me one of the highlight’s of the set was the Elwyns covering Pulp and Beyonce, if you missed this then you really missed out.

The night ended with a DJ set from The Soul Proprietor (some of you may better know him as Eon from Bedouin Soundclash). I could not think of a better way to end the show. The set was a great mix of body moving hip-hop and reggae and was a nice switch up at the end of a night of live bands.

Huge shout out and thanks to The Sound of Change and all the artists for an awesome night!

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