Registration of RTV – more than just filing paperwork

For someone who has never been to Uganda, to tell them that getting registered can be harder for a person with all the necessary requirements than one without but willing to offer a bribe would sound far fetched. However for those of us who live here, this has become something of the norm.

The whole registration process is hard.  There are many steps that one has to go through before they can get registered.  There are a number of recommendations that are needed from local leaders as well as from civil service offices.  Each of them will expect some sort of ‘payment’ for their good words and if you are unwilling to give them; expect many, many trips to the respective offices before your papers are processed.

That aside, the people that work in these government offices have little customer relation skills and since most government institutions do not have performance reviews and many workers have relatives that work in higher offices, there is no threat of being fired.  Despite the long cues of waiting people, they get by with doing very little work.

I credit my persistence in helping me push the registration papers through.  I also relied on a few contacts and made sure I had all they asked of me in order.  However, despite many whom I’ve met that were less than professional, there are a few individuals still that believe in doing their jobs.  What we need is more scrutiny from the government of their employees and their performances; and creating of an environment where these employees appreciate why they are in those positions.

Everyone enjoys a good ending to a story and in this one, there happens to be one.  Despite all the trials and tribulations that I went through while trying to get the organization registered; I was finally able to get it registered thus creating a silver lining to a rather tough process.

Some say that the end justifies the means…but I say…not if an easier and smoother ‘means’ can be created.

Reporting for the RTV website blog,

I’m Richard,

And I’m out.

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