Written by: Clare Lovelace

There has been a great deal of activity in the village of Nanga over the last few months as the Grace Orphanage and Daycare renovations are completed.

Two new classrooms have now been built and repairs have been made to existing walls, windows, floors and the rain water harvesting tanks. These improvements will ensure even more children are able to receive the care and education they need – enabling them to shape their own futures. 

Community members repairing the classroom floor


Constructing the chalk board

We’re thrilled to see Grace flourishing and these students seem pretty happy about it too!

Children taking lessons at Grace

Raising The Village partnered with the Grace Orphanage and Daycare Centre back in 2006, working alongside community members and offering leadership, administration and management training. Grace is now fully self-sufficient and continues to educate children and contribute to the improvement of the Nanga village.

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