For those following our work in the Kisoro district, we’ve reached a bit of celebrity status. We don’t have paparazzi sharing stories on TMZ, but we are flattered to regularly receive visitors from village leaders from across the region to discuss potential partnerships with RTV. We’re thrilled to announce our plans to partner with the district of Kanungu! The neighboring district is a continuation of the Virungas, the volcanic mountain chain along the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The district has been hit hard by drought in recent years, with our surveys finding families having barely enough food for one meal a day. However the desire to see and be the change in communities is real, hundreds of villagers have come out to participate in village design sessions facilitated by our team, developing solutions on how they themselves can transform their communities.

Sessions went on even as day turned to night so that everyone in the village had an opportunity to have their voice heard.

We need your help to them achieve their goals! This holiday season please join us by supporting our drive to launch programs which will reach the last-mile communities of Kanungu. A $100 dollar donation will transform the lives of entire household forever by providing access to water, medical treatment, life skills training, improved seeds and livestock through Raising The Village. Please donate here.