I am Richard.

I’m Ugandan (born and raised) of mixed origin and I guess it’s because of this that I would rather consider myself an African or better still a citizen of the world.
I have had the rare opportunity of being able to experience two very different lifestyles while growing up in Uganda:

1. Rural Uganda: I used to climb mango and jack fruit trees in the village, swim in ponds, walk for hundreds of kilometres on foot to attend a village festival 10 villages away without minding and help graze grandpa’s cattle.

2. I also got to experience modern Uganda – cars, phones and television.

I believe that these experiences made me into the all-round person that I am today. By this I mean having the ease to fit into many different societies and feel like I am part of them and also finding it easy to relate to people from all walks of life.

If I were asked to describe myself in 3 words, they would be: Simple, Passionate and Dreamer.

Simple: I’m simple because I take life as it comes. I like to live in the moment, content with all I have and have been able to do so at any particular time as I work toward achieving all I hope to achieve. I believe that hard work pays off – I guess that’s why I always try to give my best in whatever I do because that’s all you can do.

I know that once you give your best it the result doesn’t matter because you won’t have any regrets. That said though, I love winning because at the end of the day, that is what the goal is always. I always aspire so that I can inspire. This is probably why I work as hard as I do because I know that as an individual there are always people that look up to you and those that believe in you and so as a person the best you can do is not to disappoint them and give them reason to want to be better.

Passionate: I’m passionate about everything I do. Whether it’s helping out in repairing a village spring well, learning about other people’s culture or going out dancing and drinks with friends… I do it all with the same passion. I believe that by the time I decide to do something, that means I want to do it and the only way to do it for me is….passionately

I am passionate about my work, friends and family as well as my beliefs. As a person I believe that we are all born equal. What separates us are the different opportunities that some of us are able to get (or be born into) that others have no access to. I guess that is why I always try to lend a hand whenever I see an opportunity to create a new opportunity for someone that might need one.

Dreamer: I don’t just have a dream, I have dreams. I consider myself a dreamer because I believe that for each one of us, that’s how everything that we want to achieve or do in life begins. I always encourage people to dream but I also tell them to focus more on transforming those dreams into goals because you can act upon goals and turn them into reality whereas if you just keep dreaming it always just stays as something you’d like to do that’s never done. I guess I always try to aim for the moon, not the stars.

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