How To Be A GameChanger: Fundraising & Donation Tips

So, you want to be a GameChanger?  You want to contribute Raising The Village’s fundraising goals, but you don’t know where to begin?  If you’re looking to fundraise or muster up a donation for one of RTV’s campaigns, we have a few easy suggestions that will help you pump up your fundraising pocketbook:

1) Bottle returns:  Simple, and can be done on any level.  If you’d like to donate to one of RTV’s campaigns and are looking for a little extra cash, consider returning your recycling and donating the return.  If you’re part of a fundraising campaign, you may want to take this idea to the next level, and ask friends or family for their bottles (especially if there is a special event going on).  One of our volunteers snagged over $50 in bottles to donate to RTV from recycling her family’s Christmas party bottles last year!  Liquidate your assets!

Hot Spots: Businesses are often willing to help out too.  Some small businesses (especially local bars) are happy to donate the bottles that they collect from a Friday or Saturday night to a good cause.

2) Bake Sales:  A tradition!  But they work best if you can offer something that all the other bake sales don’t.  Have a friend who’s awesome at icing cupcakes?  Enlist in their help, or pick up some fancy decorations to make your goodies extra appealing.  Hit recipes include oreos baked into the middle of chocolate chip cookies, a square of a Caramilk bar baked into a chocolate cookie, or homemade icecream sandwiches.  Gourmet pancake breakfasts attract donors as well: mint chocolate chip, banana oatmeal, and oreo pancakes are all easy to make, and extra delicious!  Need we say more?

Hot Spots:  University students are always on the hunt for study snacks, and campuses make a great location for a bake sale!

3) Matching Donations:  You’d be surprised how many individuals and companies are willing to match the donations that you raise.  If you know of someone who is looking to make a larger donation, or a company whose philosophy is closely aligned with RTV’s, consider asking them to match what you raise.  (We call this one the Double-Whammy)

Hot Spots:  The company you work for!  Many employers take pride in sponsoring their employees efforts to fundraise, see if yours is willing to take on the challenge.

4) Car Wash:  If you have a group of people who are willing to give up a few hours of their time for your fundraising mission, a car wash can be a fun way to raise some extra donations, while bonding with your car-washing team.  You’ll be increasing your fundraising network by a lot as well.  Each of your car washers will have their own social connections to raise funds through, which can pump up your donation list quickly and easily.

Hot Spots: Social clubs, sports teams, your workplace, or even your extended family are excellent places to recruit your car washers from.  You’re guaranteed to have fun together, and you can make it a team building activity.  Now that’s a Saturday afternoon well spent!

5) One-Of-A-Kind Parties:  If you want to host an event for your friends AND contribute to RTV, a great way to do it is by hosting a unique party.  Host a board game tournament, poker night, bingo night, Luau, or scavenger hunt, and ask that instead of bringing food and refreshments, each person brings a donation.  Leaving the donation amount open is the best way to draw in both party guests and funds, as no one will feel excluded if they can’t make a large donation, and those wanting to donate more won’t feel limited.

Hot Spots: Your home!  Got an awesome backyard?  Summer is coming, it may just be the perfect time for you to host a party of your own!

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