There are many ways for your company to partner with us. Here are some of the ways that we can use your help:

If your organization is looking for a way to give back, consider running a holiday fundraising campaign with your team, sponsoring an entire village project or something in between.

Every year, we hold several events to raise awareness, raise funds and thank our supporters. We are always looking goodies to use as prizes for our many campaigns and fundraising events. Have something delicious for us? Food, drink and catering sponsorships for our events. Need a party in your awesome space? We’d be happy to oblige.

Raising The Village is always in need of in-kind donations so that we can continue doing what we do. If you think you can help us secure some of these essentials, we’d really love your help.

Keep our Uganda and Canadian offices running! We are always in need of items such laptops, cameras, office equipment, audio visual equipment, airline tickets, software, phones, hiking gear, outdoor equipment and motorcycle gear. Printing services are also always needed to ensure that we put our best face forward.

Drop us a line to start the conversation on how your company can be a sponsor,
Email Us.