Ciaran with the winner of the 2012 Boston marathon – Wesley Korir.


This week RTV catches up with Ciaran, who reflects on the 10km race that he pledged to RTV last October.  Ciaran raised $1175!  Check out the story of his fundraising journey below:

Raising The Village: Why did you decide to fundraise for RTV?

Ciaran: The reason that I decided to do the run to raise money for RTV was that I was fairly new to the organization and I’ve been really impressed with both the goals of RTV and the people involved and wanted to do my bit.

RTV: Why did you choose to do a 10km run to fundraise?  It sounds like an ambitious challenge!

Ciaran: The reason I chose the run was because I’ve done some 10k runs before, and it was really close to my house (not a very inspirational reason i know!!!).

RTV: How were you able to raise such a large amount of money?

Ciaran: Audrey and Alan were great in providing help with the fundraising.  The Canada Giving page was a fantastic tool as well, as i wasn’t sure how to facilitate donations or keep them linked to the event, and this way I could provide updates to the donors.

I crafted an e-mail to work colleagues, friends and family and then was lucky enough to see the donations roll in from my generous chums 🙂  Another bonus was that my company (Manulife) has a Powermatch program where they match donations up to $150, which my run qualified for.

RTV:  How was the run?

Ciaran: The run itself was interesting!  It was in the evening so it was dark, and it was through Sunnybrook park in the rain, so lots of puddles and wet shoes.  It had a halloween theme, so lots of runners wore costumes.  Overall it was fun and a little different!

Ciaran provided an update sheet to his donors once the funds he raised were allocated towards projects.  To see profiles of all of Raising The Village’s projects, visit // 

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