Empowering the youth: Samuel from Rukungwe Village

At RTV, we recognize youth as vital members of the community, which is why we design initiatives specifically made for and led by youthWe are inspired by the young people in our partner communities who are working hard to find ways to continue their studies, like Samuel from Rukungwe village.

A heartbreaking moment in Samuel’s life was completing Senior 6 level at school (equivalent of final year of high school) and not being able to pursue further education due to a lack of financial support. He instead had to start taking on casual labour jobs to earn some money but he wanted more for himself.
This situation was not uncommon in his village, with many youth having to drop out of school early and feeling unhopeful about their futures. This is before RTV partnered with the community and helped the youth form a Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA).
“Since RTV brought us together as youth through the VSLA, it has motivated us again. The VSLA has become ours. We are making our own goals.”
When the youth group started, they first looked at the conditions of their homes and realized many of them were living without some basic essentials. So their first goal has been to buy bedsheets for each youth. After this, they are looking at how they can build their income and assets. They have decided they will save to buy pigs, in addition to the pigs being provided to them by RTV, as each pig can be sold for 60,000UGX (Approximately 16USD).
“At the very least, with the knowledge we are getting out of RTV trainings (agriculture, livestock, financial literacy), we are able to see more for ourselves.”
In addition to the youth group goals, Samuel is looking to apply the knowledge gained from RTV’s agricultural trainings to grow and sell crops using his parents’ acre of land. His personal goal is to be able to build a house for his family and then eventually, go back to school.

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