Written by: Clare Lovelace

Safe drinking water – here in Canada it’s one thing we almost all take for granted. If we’re feeling thirsty we just go the nearest tap, turn it on, fill a glass and drink. It really couldn’t get any easier.

If you happened to live in Kagezi you would be collecting your water from the nearest spring and carrying it back in jerry cans to your homestead where it would be carefully rationed between your household and livestock (those of you who attended our Big 5 event last week will know how much effort is required to carry a jerry can full of water around a short track, let alone for sustained periods of time!).

The springs at Kagezi before rehabilitation

However unless the springs are protected there is no guarantee that this water you’ve taken great lengths to collect will actually be clean. Until recently the Kagezi springs were in disrepair resulting in contaminated water that was unreliable through the dry season. The collection point was increasingly unsanitary and had become a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Community members working to protect the springs

Over the last few months RTV and the community have been working hard to rehabilitate these springs and we’re pleased to announce that work has now been completed and the Kagezi villagers now have a reliable source of clean water!

The new water collection point in use

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