Written By: Rawan Haddad

The Jerry Can Trek

The Jerry Can Trek

How often have you seen a bottle cap and not given it a second thought? For us, a cap symbolizes a bottle of juice, a soda or at large a 1.5L bottle of water. In rural villages in Uganda jerry can caps are of significant value. Women and children spend hours every day collecting water from the nearest water source using jerry cans and transporting the heavy containers on their backs over long distances. Each jerry can carries 20L and weighs 40lbs when full, making the journey no easy task. Without jerry caps, which are often broken lost or stolen, people are forced to collect water and plug the jerry can’s hole with makeshift items such as fruits or rags. Sometimes they have to transport the water with uncovered holes, leaving a trail of water behind them and most of the can’s contents. Consolidated Bottle in Toronto offered to provide caps to make the task of carrying water a little easier for community members and were eventually distributed by Raising the Village during a June 2013 trip. Although handouts to partner villages are not typical, this simple in-kind donation is just a way of making daily tasks somewhat simpler.

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