Think your commute is long?
From Kampala, our team hops onto an overloaded local bus and travels along winding roads and dusty tracks. 12 hours and hundreds of
potholes later, they arrive in Kisoro Town, in the South Western corner of Uganda.
Getting to Kisoro Town is the easy part. From Kisoro Town, our team must then hop onto a motorcycle and travel up into the mountains along narrow dirt tracks that frequently wash out during the wet season, negotiating hairpin turns that will send them plummeting down a cliff with one wrong move and crossing bridges that are missing a third of their wood boards at the best of times.
If they’ve made it this far without getting stuck in the mud, our team can then look forward to hiking for at least an hour up extremely steep and narrow dirt paths that are slicked with thick, slippery mud during the wet season and exposed to extreme heat and sun during the dry season. To top it all off, because our staff must stay the nights in Kisoro Town due to safety issues, they have to do this trip twice, each and every day.

Map of Uganda

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