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Empowering the youth: Samuel from Rukungwe Village

At RTV, we recognize youth as vital members of the community, which is why we design initiatives specifically made for and led by youth. We are inspired by the young people in our partner communities who are working hard to find ways to continue their studies, like Samuel from Rukungwe village. A heartbreaking moment in Samuel’s life was completing Senior 6 level at school […]

Meet Donavence from Ruseke village!

Donavence is a 66-year-old woman living in Ruseke village. Her husband died years ago, leaving her as a widow with 5 daughters and 1 son, whom she single-handedly raised. She also looks after 5 grandchildren. When RTV projects were introduced in Ruseke village in 2017, Donavence was among the first beneficiaries to embrace the projects. […]