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Introducing Kanungu!

For those following our work in the Kisoro district, we’ve reached a bit of celebrity status. We don’t have paparazzi sharing stories on TMZ, but we are flattered to regularly receive visitors from village leaders from across the region to discuss potential partnerships with RTV. We’re thrilled to announce our plans to partner with the […]

Putting your donations to work – The Numbers Are In!

Measuring our impact is critical to making a positive change to the families and partner villages we work with. Helping us understand the programs making the greatest impact and ensuring our supporters know their generous donations are hard at work. Our team has been working tirelessly over the past few months to gather data and […]

Elephant Beehive Fence Update

Beehive construction is in full swing, with villages coming out in full force every week to transport materials (rocks, cement and concrete posts to areas where the elephants are accessing the community.  Some raid points are in the low-lying valleys, other places far up at the tops of mountains…these elephants can move! It also means far distances […]

RTV Launches the World’s Longest Beehive Fence.

Scovia Rwabirema lives with her three kids Kyori  (red printed dress), Kayesu (stripe jumper) and Sam (Blue stripe shirt) at her make-shift home where she has been hired to keep elephants from destroying the crops. She has lived here for six months. “Right now whenever we hear an elephant coming through the trees all we […]

the villages are coming…the villages are HERE!~

And just as we start winding down our work with our 15 Cycle 1 village partners of 17 villages, we’re thrilled to announce our next 32 village partners! We are thrilled to announce as a part of our 100/100 program, which involves partnering with 100 of Kisoro district’s last-mile villages and 100,000 living in the highest levels of […]