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Thank You Intelex Technologies!

Sweet news to wrap up the end of summer! Last week Intelex Technologies held a bake sale for RTV, with their Charity Bake Sale Team making mouth watering cinnamon buns, M&M cookies, mini crème brûlées, banana bread, homemade pop tarts, mango bars, cookie dough donuts, oatmeal cookies and coconut macaroons. The delicious goods helped the […]

Fun Facts From The Office – Summer Edition

Hello RTV fans, friends, and followers! With a month left of summer we’re looking to take advantage of being able to read outside and catch some rays! What better way to do this and get to know the RTV team (and let us get to know you) than with some reading suggestions? Keep your eye […]

Anne’s Blog From Uganda

Hey there! I’m Anne and this is my blog from my Internship with Raising The Village as a representative of my university’s GlobeMed Chapter. We’re spending 6 weeks in Uganda: a week in Kampala followed by 4 weeks Kisoro and then another back in the capital. At the Kisoro office, my job is to work […]

Getting Girls to School

An overview of //www.economist.com/blogs/freeexchange/2013/11/gender-inequality Written By: Ashley Macey Every 1 in 2 people are female. I’m sure that’s not the first statistic that comes to mind when thinking about development in Africa, but it’s a powerful one nonetheless. It means that half of Africa’s potential workforce is comprised of women, but it has yet to be […]

GlobeMed Partnership

We are excited to announce that through our partnership with GlobeMed we have three interns; Anne, Danny and Mia, that are spending 6 weeks in the field and our Uganda office. Keep an eye out for their blog posts from the field and office in the following weeks! GlobeMed Anne, Danny, and Mia are part […]

Leaving One Out: Community Insurance

A response piece to DRC: Solidarity funds cut poverty and strengthen community ties Written By: Jon Patrick Lloret This piece is a critical response to an ongoing development project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which claims to aid impoverished farmers monetarily through the provision of community insurance. The article praises a community development initiative […]

Our 2013 Impact Report has been released: See what your donations and support helped achieved last year!

It’s here! We are so very excited to announce the release of our 3rd annual Impact Report. Raising The Village is committed to being transparent and ensuring that our work is effective and sustainable. Each year, we publish our Impact Report to uphold this commitment to our partner communities, donors and supporters. By collecting baseline data, […]

Sound Of Change Music Festival Throw Back Recap

Written By: Kataryna Patsak We’re Throwing it Back this Monday! In case you missed The Sound of Change music festival on May 16 in support of Raising The Village and want to live vicariously through someone that did or want to relive your own great experience of attending we’ve got just the post for you!On […]

Update from the Ground – Kagezi

Written By: Rawan Haddad The projects that have been implemented so far in the village of Kagezi are the Agriculture Program, Goat Cooperative, Education Program and Repair and Protection of Water Sources. The Agriculture Program involved the community working together to clear the community plot in order to plant 750 pineapple cuttings. In addition, 90 […]


  This week RTV catches up with Ciaran, who reflects on the 10km race that he pledged to RTV last October.  Ciaran raised $1175!  Check out the story of his fundraising journey below: Raising The Village: Why did you decide to fundraise for RTV? Ciaran: The reason that I decided to do the run to raise […]


You may know that John Phyper is on our Board of Directors, but there’s so much more to his RTV story! See below: Raising The Village: When did you start volunteering with RTV and what have you worked on with the team? John: I started to volunteer in July 2012 as a member of the […]

Live Below the Line fundraising update

Only a few more days before the challenge begins and fundraising is really ramping up! Top 3 fundraisers: #1 Ennis Esmer – $1,613 #2 Prageet Nibber – $1,425 #3 Maki Nishikaze – $1,220 Top fundraiser for the week:  Tony Chapman is #4 on our fundraiser list.  He has raised $1200 within the past week alone!   Overall amount raised to date: […]


  Alex, one of our Fundraising Specialists, shares a bit about his personal experience with RTV, including friendship, social awkwardness, & how he climbed his way up in the organization. Raising the Village: When did you start volunteering with RTV and what have you worked on with the team? Alex: I started raising money for […]

Live Below the Line fundraising update

Top 3 fundraisers: #1 Ennis Esmer – $1200 #2 Prageet Nibber – $1125 #3 Alice Chan – $580 Top fundraiser for the week:  Prageet Nibber for the 2nd week in a row!  Raising $365 in one week! Overall amount raised to date: $8,054 through 88 participants! Join us or donate to support the village of Murole.

Live Below the Line fundraising update

Top 3 fundraisers: #1 Ennis Esmer – $1100 #2 Prageet Nibber – $860 #3 Alice Chan – $580 Top fundraiser for the week:  Prageet Nibber!  Raising $860 in one week! Overall amount raised to date: $6,526 through 72 participants! Join us or donate to support the village of Murole.

Live Below the Line fundraising update

Top 3 fundraisers: #1 Ennis Esmer – $1000 #2 Alice Chan – $580 #3 Hosanna Aughtry – $295 Top fundraiser for the week:  Ennis Esmer from CTV’s “The Listener’s”! Overall amount raised to date: $2647 through 53 participants! Join us or donate to support the village of Murole.


Raising The Village is switching it up this week!  We were lucky enough to have Sabrena, a  Toronto high school student volunteer, in the office with us for a day earlier this month.  Sabrena gives the details about her experience with RTV below: Hi everyone, my name is Sabrena and I am a 16 year […]


It’s time you get to know Suzie, since you see her contributions on our Twitter page regularly.  Find out more about, and say hi to her @RTVorg next time you’re on Twitter!   Raising the Village: When did you start volunteering with RTV and what have you worked on with the team?   Suzie: I […]

2012 – What a bumper year!

Dear RTVers, Kanyamahene got off to a great start with their agricultural training, goat cooperative, bicycle ambulance, beehive fence, monthly medical clinic visits which included HIV testing and health workshops and the construction of a rain water catchment… Phew! We added the village of Murole’s to our growing list of projects and community members were […]


    At Raising the Village, we reaaalllly love our volunteers.  It’s easy to see why when you read this week’s interview with Katie, a member of our methodology team.  Happy reading! Raising the Village: When did you start volunteering with RTV and what have you worked on with the team? Katy: I started volunteering […]


The Spotlight’s on Kristy this week!  Check out her interview below to see the role that passion, holistic development, creative innovation, and fun (of course!) plays in RTV’s work. Raising The Village: When did you start volunteering with RTV and what have you worked on with the team? Kristy: I started volunteering with RTV in November, […]


The spotlight is on Connie Ong for our weekly Volunteer Profile.  See how Connie contributes to Raising the Village below: Raising the Village: When did you start volunteering with RTV Apr 2012 and what have you worked on with the team? Connie: Finance subcommitee member tasked with policies and regulatory reporting compliance and lately as […]


This week RTV would like to get you to know Kendra, though you probably already do!  As one of our Social Media volunteers, you can see Kendra’s work on on Twitter, Facebook, and Blog pages, but here are a few things we bet you didn’t know about her: Raising The Village: When did you start […]


  This week RTV invites you to get cozy with Bryony Sinclair, a member of the Methodology & Evaluation Team, for our Volunteer Spotlight! Enjoy her story below: RTV: When did you start volunteering with RTV and what have you worked on with the team? Bryony: I joined the methodology and evaluation team about two […]


This week’s Volunteer Spotlight is on Sammy Younan!  At Raising The Village, we believe that knowing our volunteers means knowing our organization. That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to learn a little bit more about all of us! As part of RTV’s board, Sammy gives the organization its creative spark. Get to […]


This week we invite you all to get friendly with Hosanna!  Hosanna is a member of RTV’s Finance and Accounting Team, and although she’s currently based in Kenya, she has traveled all around the world including destinations in East Africa, Peru, China, Nepal, and Europe. Hosanna even studied in France and took a one-month course in Kenya. […]


Now for our second installment of our Volunteer Spotlight – just in time for International Volunteer Day! At Raising The Village, we know our volunteers are the backbone of our success. That’s why we want you to know all about our volunteers! This week we introduce Ciaran McGeown. Not only does he contribute as a […]


Raising the Village is committed to our status as a transparent organization, meaning that we don’t hide anything from our supporters and contributors…including our faces! RTV is introducing a weekly Volunteer Spotlight so that you can get to know the people running RTV through pictures and mini-interviews. We are pleased to introduce Maki as our […]


At RTV we are always excited when our team grows, because it means that so much more can be accomplished! We’d like to introduce you to our two newest team members, Moses and Solome, who are now a part of our ground team in Uganda. We asked them a few questions so that you can […]


At about 7:30am, the adults of Kanyahamene show up at the plot of land where their future water tanks are going to be. They all contribute with a hoe or a shovel to dig and level the foundation.


I don’t Want to be a Goat! Nope. Nope. (But I can name some people who would like to own one) After all the fundraising efforts, training and preparations Goats arrived in Bitongo on August 29th, 2012. A total of 23 families were given their goats after having successfully completed their goat management training, financial […]


The highly anticipated first edition of Raising The Village’s Impact Report is here! I sat down (figuratively, as he is currently in Uganda) with Shawn Cheung, Raising The Village’s Executive Director to find out what the rationale was behind and what readers can expect from our latest publication. What is the Project Impact Report?  For the past 5 years, […]


I had to take TTC to work the other day. So I waited at the stop, texted TTC the street car number and found out I would be waiting 9 minutes. I couldn’t help but think that “in 9 minutes I can be half way to work if I started walking now.” I caught the street car […]


Sometimes we forget amongst all the methologies, processes and the every day that we work in a very special place. “Africa is not a country, but it is a continent like none other. It has that which is elegantly vast or awfully little” – L Douglas Wilder


This is Richard. We received some tragic news last Sunday that Richard, our Uganda Operations Manager, was in a very serious car accident over the weekend in Kampala, Uganda. He is currently in a coma in the ICU at the International Hospital of Kampala. Although Uganda has a very different and limited medical system, he […]


In October 2011 we started to build a Rainwater Harvesting System in the community of Bitongo. And we are planning to build a similar system in another village called Kanayamahene. These systems are a simple technology that catches rainwater and provides water to literally hundreds of community members at a time. Improving access to clean water takes […]


  Remember those potato powered battery or alarm clock experiments you did in the sixth grade? Well if Bitongo were a sixth grade science fair there would be blue ribbons for all! In February 2012 Bitongo community members decided to start agricultural training rotations – where 10 women would be offered training, who would then train […]


On Friday July 6, 2012 it was confirmed by Ugandan nationals that there are over 600 disarmed Congolese soldiers who are currently under Ugandan army custody living in Kisoro town – just a 15 kilometer drive from Bitongo and some of our other communities. M23 Rebels have gained control of over 10 kilometers of roadway […]


Thank you to all who made our 20by14 event at the Gladstone Hotel on May 10th a smashing success! The goal of this event was to launch the 20by14 campaign, which aims to reach 20 villages by the year 2014. This sold out party was RTV’s first major fundraising event and with the help of our […]


Thursday May 10th was the Raising the Village Foundation Donor’s event. The evening’s theme was “It takes a village…to raise a village”, and was held at the Gladstone Hotel. Walking into the venue, it was plain to see that the event was sold out, with enthusiastic guests chatting and checking out the interactive displays. Clean […]


  Tonight was Raising The Village’s ’20by14 – It Takes a Village’ event at the Gladstone Hotel. Thank you to all who attended our sold out event and bringing us one step closer to our vision of reaching 20 villages by 2014. We hope you will continue to journey with us in changing the lives […]


  Tonight was Raising The Village’s ’20by14 – It Takes a Village’ event at the Gladstone Hotel. Thank you to all who attended our sold out event and bringing us one step closer to our vision of reaching 20 villages by 2014. We hope you will continue to journey with us in changing the lives […]


Imagine if someone you cared about fell sick. What would you do? Probably take them to see the doctor. This is a simple and logical course of action for the majority of people in Canada today. Unfortunately this basic decision is not within the grasp of many people in Kanyamahene.Without access to medical facilities Kanyamahene the […]


Last November, our team brought something different back to Uganda for the kids at Grace Daycare and Orphanage – toys! A workshop with our students and CONNEXIONS™ Toys was conducted – ” A 3-dimensional abstract puzzle with tactile and semantic clues, CONNEXIONS™ is an award winning toy originally designed with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind to […]


Kanyamahene (Khan-ya-ma-hen-eh) We have all been working hard to get a community project off the ground in the small village of Kanyamahene and in the flurry of project planning, sourcing materials and ramping up we have been a little radio silent about this community and their hopes and dreams so here it is: Kanyamahene, a […]


Kanyamahene is a small village that borders that Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which is home to African Forest Elephants, Gorillas and monkeys. It all sounds so exotic. However, when we talked to Kanyamahene village members and farmers didn’t think the animals were exotic – these animals are pests that are keeping households in poverty. Elephants and […]


Elizabeth “Buff” Cox began serving on Raising The Village’s Board of Directors in early 2010 until her first battle with cancer began later in the same year. As our first elder statesperson, she shepherded a bunch of young, first time board members; helping to navigate the complex charity space and being the steady hand and […]


The RTV operations got another dose of what “hard-to-reach” and “remote” really meant when we visited Kisoro, Uganda in December 2011. For two weeks the RTV team was constantly on the move. Living out of our packs, sleeping in the van, getting home late, leaving early and pushing hard all day long was our reality. […]


  meet katy devitt Katy Devitt has been a committed part of RTV’s Methodology and Development Team for over a year. Because of her hard work and dedication RTV has been able to develop sustainable agriculture and water related projects for communities in Central and Southwestern Uganda. In November of 2011, Katy started a fundraising […]


Winter is not my thing. It never has been. Even when I was little my mom used to have to wrap me up like the abdominal snowman and I would still come home with blood red cheeks and shake for hours. This winter (so far) seems particularly hateful because I missed the transition from fall […]

hello Canada, I'm back!

I’m back! After a month in Uganda and three weeks working from Halifax (to spend some time with my family over the holidays), I am back in Toronto and settling back into the routine of packed lunches, (semi) regular office hours and scheduled meetings that people show up on time for. It is mildly strange […]


On Tuesday (Nov 22) I went for my first field visit to Grace Primary School in the small village of Nanga – and the day was FANTASTIC. After about 45 minutes travel by taxi (which are really 15 passenger overcrowded vans; this particular one had 17 people and two children) and boda boda (motorcycle taxi) down […]


I’m doing an equipment check for my assignment in Uganda and I find myself prepping for all types of weather and terrain. I’ll need a winter jacket for the mountains of Kisoro, suit jacket for the village meetings in Central Uganda, and I’ve got full on raingear from our newest sponsor Patagonia for torrential rainpour […]


At 10:00 pm on November 14 I said goodbye to the Toronto city skyline and started a two day journey to Uganda. The trip went very smoothly despite being stuck on a plane for over four hours in Addis Ababa Ethiopia because of a technical problem. (As it turns out when you put forty people […]


Many people believe that they should give when, and only when, they have enough for themselves and are able to spare some extra. It’s only natural that a person would want to take care of themselves before taking care of others. I am not condemning these people, but only using them as a point of […]


Dear RTVers, At this time last year, RTV consisted of just a handful of volunteers. We’ve certainly come a long way, with well over 50 currently. We’ve also welcomed the additions of Krystal Muise as our International Program Officer, and Alan Liu as our Canadian Operations Director, who is dedicating a full year completely unpaid […]


We received news that Imelda Opus and her baby passed away earlier today. Raising The Village has lost two of our own. I remember the chatter and smiles this past May when we learned Imelda was joining the RTV family. She had come resume in hand to our office in Mukono, to convince us to […]


Bitongo is a rural Ugandan village that on average earns less than 40 cents a day.  Plagued by inadequate water sources and desperately low education rates this community is stuck in a poverty cycle. What this village might be lacking in physical resources and capital though they make up for in perseverance and determination: they […]

Meet Sarah from the Kanga Community

Sarah is a parent and committed Kanga community member. She and her husband have been together for 9 years now. They have been blessed with 5 children. The unique thing about Sarah is that she is a working mom.  Sarah has a day job that brings in some income for her family and therefore doesn’t […]


The traffic jam in Kampala and the roads that lead to the city are getting worse! It has really become a big issue to the city dwellers and to some of us that go into the city once in a while. This would be attributed to poor planning of our cities. If only the government […]

Recap! Voices for the Village

Thank you to all our volunteers from event planning/execution, design, social media, planners, artists/performers- everyone who put in their efforts, time and energy into making such a wonderfully successful night. Raising The Village is nothing without our passionate volunteers. For those who attended, we thank you for your time and for lending us your ears. […]


Saverio, as he is commonly known, is a very hard working and committed man. He is a parent at Ssanga primary school and only has two kids; a boy and a girl, which according to the village standards are very few. Most of the parents have been very much involved in all the activities/programs that […]


Hey everyone, Claudia here! I wanted to share with you guys a series of images I took during the March 2011 trip to Uganda.  Shawn, Richard, Jen and I had gone to the Kisoro district and into the community of Mugwata.  While Shawn and Richard were having a talk with the local leaders, and Jen […]


The long awaited multipurpose hall at our Ssanga project is complete. Everyone that put in their hard work in its build was very happy to see Ssanga getting a new classroom building (multipurpose hall) the day it was completed. Like any other development, it was such a gradual process and it was quit challenging in […]


Hey everyone! Join us on Saturday, August 6th 2011 for some great live music and a silent auction where you can win incredible outing experiences in Calgary. When: Saturday, August 6th 2011 Time: 8pm till late (18+ only, ID required) Where: Belgo Brasserie, 501 – 8th Ave SW, Calgary Ticket Price: $25; Get your advanced […]


  My name is Nanyonga Margret. I am 26 years old, married, I have 6 children and I live in Kanga village. My average day usually starts with me waking up at 7:00am to prepare breakfast for my children. Breakfast is usually leftovers from the previous night and tea with sugar (sometimes). Before, I used […]

Voice for the Villages

Event conception: Raising The Village is having an event on Thursday, June 9th at the El Mocambo on Spadina. It’s going to be fun… for at least a certain crowd. What else is it going to be? A lot of work. Here’s what I think. When it comes down to it, there are really just […]


n the 2 growing seasons of 2009, Kanga had two great harvests and we felt that the project administrators would be able to keep this success going. However we realized that there was a decline in harvests in the first growing season of 2010 as the project was only able to get a considerably smaller […]


Raising The Village works closely with “hard to reach” places in Africa but what does “hard to reach” mean? Often it means that they are places that other organizations never go because they’re not easily accessible.  Often located in very rural areas, these “hard to reach” places can involve the use of various types of […]


With all the inflation as well as food and fuel prices escalating at a rate Ugandans have not been used to, many have opted to turn to the government and ask it why it has not been able to do anything to save the situation. Many citizens and opposition politicians have decided to use peaceful […]


The three weeks spent with the team from Canada were productive, informative and helpful not only to the team in Uganda but also to the communities we visited. The Canadian team was warmly welcomed by the Ugandan team as soon as they arrived. The day after, the two teams started visiting the projects in the […]


Last month, we went to Kisoro (South-Western Uganda) and were able to visit some of the remotest villages that I had ever been to. I mean, I have been to some really remote villages here in Mukono and Buikwe (Central Uganda) but I had never seen such high levels of poverty, illiteracy, and poor health and […]


Hey everyone, Claudia with a summary of our two days in Ssanga while on the March 2011 trip.  Much like every workday on this trip, our day began quite early (well, for someone who works from home and wakes up at a leisurely 9:00am everyday it was “early” for me haha).  We got into a […]


During our trip to Uganda, we had a surprise team member from London, England join us! Dee’s day job involves doing consulting for a major international company’s charity division. Needless to say, he brought so much insight into RTV’s methodology and planning process– as you can imagine, there’s a lot of nuts and bolts that […]


On February 25, 2006, Raising The Village was born. There wasn’t a party, or an announcement, and there definitely wasn’t a press release. It was the day that Richard Kiweewa was hired as our Ugandan project manager. There were two of us. The first steps of Raising The Village came out of treks into the […]

Update from Kisoro

Greetings! Claudia here with an update from Kisoro.  Since our first post, so much has actually happened with each day being so eventful however due to our hectic schedules this was the only down time we found to be able to update you guys with a little bit of what we’ve been up to since […]


Hi everyone, we’ve all arrived safely to Uganda. Jen was late by 2 days, but she finally caught up to us and hit the ground running. There has been electricity black-outs so we haven’t been able to update as regularly as we’d like. Richard met us and he couldn’t be a greater guy and representative […]

50% raised for Uganda: March 2011

With one month left before we leave, we’ve reached 50% of our fundraising goal today! Thank you, thank you. It’s been amazing watching each donation that comes in. To know that our friends and supporters believe in us so much as to invest in our trip is a humbling thing. We’re excited to get out […]

Ssanga Tales: Mayende Gideon, a parent

Mayende Gideon is an active parent and participates in all school activities – I wish all the Ssanga parents were like him. Gideon is a parent and the chairman of the school management committee. He is among the few community members with a stable family who lives by example, and a good agriculturalist that practices improved methods of farming. […]

Mr. Wamage – Kanga’s “Next in command"

If I were asked to describe Mr. Wamage, they would be: warm smile, “ancient” English and devotion to teaching. He is in his late 60s and everytime I see him he is always greets me with warm smile, addresses in his “ancient” but rather interesting English while clad in his always clean “ancient” outfits. He is the […]

Uganda here we come!

The creative team, me and Claudia—a talented photographer, are going to Uganda in March! Shawn and Wilson (who will be lending a hand in repairing some of our school structures and all things fixable) are also coming with us. We’re excited to finally be able to see the projects and meet faces we’ve been seeing […]


Boda bodas are the fastest way of method of travel. These motorcycles got their name from the bicycle taxis that operate at some of the busy border crossing points. Buses had to discharge their passengers at the exit border control, who then had to walk to the entry border control. The distance across no man’s […]

Ssanga Tales: Mr. Mibiru, Headmaster

He had been of a dedicated teacher trying to make ends meet at Ssanga Primary School for a while. If you had never seen this man before, ‘about him’ can be summarized in three words – small, short with loud voice. Mr. Mubiru Charles is his name. He is 5’4″ tall with a loud voice. […]

Why Uganda?

Every once in a while, someone will ask me, ‘Of all the places in the world, why Uganda?’ There are so many reasons supporting the decision, but I’ll just share a few. The greatest need. Today, the extreme poverty line sits at 1.25 a day (with the US making monopoly money  this will change). When […]

Life, Death, and Cabbages

 We recently kicked off Phase II of our sustainability development programming at Kanga. This next phase will help the school earn additional income to invest in capital projects on their own, and allowing them to have additional funding to complete community priorities. The leadership at the Kanga village are massive fans of cabbages and eggplants < hot […]

we like, we like to party! PARTY TIME!

Our RTV Awareness  Party is coming up soon!  (Details below) Come by and show your support – we’d really love to meet all of you! If you don’t know what RTV is about, no better time to come out and see what we’re about over a few drinks! We would like to know how many […]

New signpost – Now everybody can find us!

We have a sign!  Before, we had an office with no sign.  This made finding our office a little bit difficult and before that we didn’t even have a roadside office! But now we are in an office with a real sign post!  I know, exciting stuff! check her out, isn’t she beautiful? From the first day we set up the signpost, we received […]

Dressing the Part

In the middle of prepping for my speaking engagement tomorrow at the ‘Talk Change’ Conference at Waterloo University, time to take a break. Reading up my ‘online bio’ for the conference, it appears I will be speaking on the future of development in Africa pertaining to sustainable development approach, actually as the title states: ‘Remixing Development […]

the Bernard we know

Bernard’s a well dressed, polite young man who wears his trademark vest in 40 degree weather.  He’ll disarm you with his easy smile and infectious laugh, but when it comes to getting the message across, he’ll translate it 5 different ways; English being his 5th language.  Be warned, if he’s happy or thinks you need motivation, […]

Grace latrine completed!!

Everything went on as planned at Grace Project, all the resources were in place and two weeks later, contruction was completed.  The work started and ended with consistency, something that enabled us to finish construction on-time. Unlike on previous projects, there were no delays this time around.  We learnt from previous mistakes and made sure […]

"You need to be more…Pushy"

Not something you say too often, but in a recent conversation with Richard, it’s something that I blurted out.  It just so happens our guys in Uganda are probably some of the most polite and patient folks you’ll ever meet. I’ve always got something on the go, and I’ve been garnering a reputation for short-term […]

Raising the Village is going to Talk Change 2010!

We’ve been invited to speak at Talk Change 2010 Conference at Waterloo University on October 30th. The conference is sponsored by the Aga Khan Foundation and Smart Solutions, and is a forum where  leaders in the international development community will share their experiences regarding the most successful and efficient type of solutions, and how we can tackle […]

Community Event!

Having a quick phone conversation with Dr. Young…(I just call her Liz) – one of our uber board members,  she’s been to Uganda and back and slogged through some really tough moments with us. She commented – wow we’ve come quite a long ways, especially as we hold our community appreciation party later tonight. We’re […]

UN Recap

So after some time to decompress and digest the happenings of the UN Millenium Development goals, a little recap: Nothing better than seeing the President of Malawi (and the AU) go head-to-head with the President of the World Bank and the EU, about policies and actions, no one backs down.  Let’s continue to keep ourselves […]

Formal Education Making a Difference

Before the introduction of schools and formal education in Uganda and Africa, information and knowledge were passed were passed on from generation-to-generation in forms of stories, riddles, family trees and superstitions (meant to scare kids into obedience). Parents also taught and trained their children – father to son,  mother to daughter. With the introduction of schools, parents slowly […]

RTV goes to the UN!

RTV goes to the UN! I’m off to the United Nations Millenium Development Goals conference this week to participate in a number of sessions with heads of state, development organizations, and private sector leaders to discuss topics ranging from development effectiveness reviews to strategic initiatives to improve education to sustainable environmental management. Truly a plethora […]

UN Conference, here we come!

Shawn will be attending UN Conference – Millenium Development Goals in NYC next week. The challenge will continue to differentiate ourselves from our peers to create a memorable and lasting message. Raising the Village make a global difference within Africa and international development Community Education Sustainability. —————————– Help us bring awareness to our cause. Follow […]

Ssanga: Substance abused community

The problem of drugs and alcohol abuse has long since plagued the Ssanga community.  In brief, originally, the people mainly depended on harvesting timber from the natural forest for employment but the government passed a law that prohibits the cutting of trees in this now preserved forest, many were left jobless. These workers found themselves […]

One Size Fits All

I’m out and about and I notice that Hudson’s Bay is having a sale on men’s clothing and I think it’s a great opportunity to buy Rich and Bern a little something to add to their wardrobes.  In Uganda, everyone dresses in his or her best whenever they are about town. Very often, folks only own one […]


We always joke around with the RTV team about our tech savvy…or lack thereof.  There’s always someone that can’t text, get connected to the internet, or figure out the digital camera. pebcak – Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard (urbandictionary.com) Thank goodness for our tech and media people, otherwise you’d never hear from us.  We […]

RTV needs your vote @ SXSW

Happy Friday RTVers! Raising the Village has been selected as a prospective panelist at SXSW!… we need your support! Voting is simple and free! Simply follow the link: //panelpicker.sxsw.com/ create an account, confirm the email address, and vote! You can find the Raising the Village pitch by following the link… //panelpicker.sxsw.com/ideas/view/6064

Who the heck are WE?!

What is ‘Raising the Village’? Who are heck are we?! It’s always a challenge to get the message across because there are so many important things to highlight. Realizing I could go on forever, the team insisted I simplify ‘Raising the Village’ down to something shorter…about three words. And here they are: education. community. sustainability. […]

I am Richard.

I’m Ugandan (born and raised) of mixed origin and I guess it’s because of this that I would rather consider myself an African or better still a citizen of the world. I have had the rare opportunity of being able to experience two very different lifestyles while growing up in Uganda: 1. Rural Uganda: I […]

Wish a upon a star!

A long time coming…but it was WELL worth it. We’ve been looking to update our website for the past couple of years to accurately reflect what Raising the Village is all about – Community. Education. Sustainability. – It has been a struggle with many blank stares, head scratching, and shoulder shrugs. Frustration was starting to […]

bombs on Kampala

Sunday the July 11th, 2010 will be remembered by many Ugandans as the day that changed the social scene (night life) in Uganda, if not forever, for those tense days that followed it. Anyone that has been to Uganda will testify that it has some of the most hospitable and fun loving people who didn’t […]