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A new perspective from an old voice

Ah Choo! It’s a bit dusty on top of the RTV Blog. Where do we start? Every year I’ve tried to evaluate where we’ve come from and where we’re going – and I’ve been here since the beginning – but it’s always a struggle to put into words. RTV has come so far and yet I […]

A note to our compassionate supporters

Tonight as I gather round my dinner table, I am grateful for the amount, variety and quality of food we have to eat. I am also extremely thankful for the diverse and compassionate supporters who joined us at the table this year for the Live Below the Line (LBL) challenge in support of Raising the […]

Unpaid care and it’s role in the poverty cycle

A response piece to The Care Imperative  //www.ipsnews.net/2014/03/op-ed-care-imperative/ By Ashley Macey There’s no getting around it—poverty is complex. Many have devoted their entire lives to ending this indignity and although as our world attests we still don’t have the ultimate solution, we have found certain variables that can be changed to allow more people to […]

What’s up in Rushabarara? – Update from the ground

By Rawan Hadad Three projects have been on deck for Rushabarara. The first two projects – the Agricultural Cooperative and Goat Cooperative were aiming to enhance household incomes, increase livelihood diversification and food security and improve community nutrition. Under the Agricultural Cooperative, 83Kgs of Afri-care beans and 21 sacks of improved Irish seeds were distributed […]


Just in case you haven’t come across Rusia Tumisime from Murole at one of our events or in our 2012 Impact Report , we’d like to take this opportunity to feature this inspiring woman once again. As a woman and mother of 3 children under the age of 7, most of Rusia’s days are spent working in […]

The Millennium Development Goals

Written By: Ashley Macey Fourteen years ago the United Nations and its 189 member states sat down at a table in New York City to discuss the role of the United Nations as it approached the twenty-first century. After two days of presentations, debates, and spirited discussions a consensus was reached on eight Millennium Development […]


New Years Resolutions, worthwhile or  a load of hype? We asked some of the team to spill the beans, we encourage you to do the same…. “Resolutions have never been my cup of tea; but for 2014, there are a few things that I think will really improve my game. So here they are: I […]

African Women as Ambassadors

Written By: Rawan Haddad This is a response to Forbes‘ “20 Young Power Women of Africa 2013” article written by Mfonobong Nsehe published on December 4th, 2013. When it comes to naming a notably influential African man, the first name that springs to mind is Nelson Mandela. Yet, how fast can you name an influential […]

Five Ways to Curb Your Child’s Materialism This Holiday Season

Written By: Andrea Dyer *This article was originally featured on Shareable. This holiday season, children will be surrounded by a mountain of gifts and anxious parents hoping that the presents will be up to snuff. And, while it is completely natural to want to give children the ‘perfect’ holiday, the increasing pressure to purchase bigger […]

The Final Week of Our ‘Gift It Twice’ Holiday Campaign

Over the last few weeks we’ve been showcasing our ‘Gift It Twice’ campaign. Why ‘Gift it Twice’? Not only does your chosen recipient give a donation on your behalf, they’ll also receive a stunning postcard depicting the villages we work with in rural Uganda with a description of how their donation will be used.  Just […]

The Gift of a Goat

Written By: Rawan Haddad Commercialisation of the festive season has meant that often, the true meaning of the season has become blurred. Gift giving has turned into a daunting task of finding the perfect gift and giving gifts that are unnecessary and frequently discarded. This season is about kindness, benevolence and generosity. Nothing is more […]

The Gift of a Bicycle Ambulance

Written By: Jana Nickason This Season, it’s time to embrace the spirit of giving by supporting a great initiative and giving a gift that’s truly meaningful, like a ‘bicycle ambulance’. In the Ugandan community of Kanyamahene, villagers live without access to medical facilities and even worse, they have no means of getting to the nearest […]

The Ugly Sweater Lowdown

Raising The Village threw an Ugly Sweater Party to get into the holiday spirit! Here’s a look at what they wore, why they wore it and what it says about them!     My ugly sweater isn’t ugly at all. It’s because I’m entering the demographic that appreciates thick wool, patterns and landscapes on our […]

The Gift of Women’s Health

Written By: Clare Lovelace This season is a great opportunity to embrace the true spirit of the holidays! We can all minimize the time and money spent on buying poorly made consumer items that will ultimately end up in landfills by using our hearts, thinking smart and ‘Gifting Outside the Box’! Many organizations and charities […]

UPDATE FROM THE FIELD: Murole and Kanyamahene

Written by: Cara Moroney 3rd QUARTER UPDATE: MUROLE The village of Murole has been partnered with RTV for about a year and this year has seen significant success with the goat project.  Beginning with 20 female goats and 2 male goats, which were distributed in the Spring of 2013, the numbers have increased to 28 […]


Get to know a few of our team members a little bit better as they spill the beans on their scary movie experiences. We’d love to hear yours too! Happy Halloween from everyone at RTV…   Usually I’m the guy that scoffs at scary movies. What’s the point of a scary movie if I’m never scared? The Descent was just […]

Hollywood as an Ambassador

Written By: Rawan Haddad This is a response to “What Hollywood Tells Us About War and Poverty” written by Tom Murphy and published in the Guardian on September 4th, 2013. What do Sierra Leone, India and Bosnia have in common? Hollywood. These countries, among others, have become subjects of widely popular movies, bringing their plight […]

Partnership Is a Powerful Word

Written By: Ashley Macey Partnership is a powerful word.  Although people usually think of partnership as two parties working together to achieve common goals its connotations push it beyond a literal definition. Partnership suggests a sense of equality—that every voice involved is heard and respected. This definition couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to our partner villages. […]


Written By: Rawan Haddad How often have you seen a bottle cap and not given it a second thought? For us, a cap symbolizes a bottle of juice, a soda or at large a 1.5L bottle of water. In rural villages in Uganda jerry can caps are of significant value. Women and children spend hours […]


Written by: Clare Lovelace We’ve just received the latest report from the field tracking all the positive changes taking place in Kagezi over the last few months. The agricultural programme is off to a flying start! The village have been very busy  clearing and fertilizing the community plot in preparation for planting the improved seeds that have been provided by Raising The Village. […]

Thank You To Our Major Sponsor…

Our first ever RTVfit event was a major success and we’d like to thank our major sponsor Reebok for helping to bring out the beast in our competitors! Reebok provided amazing prizes for 1st place winners including free tops, shorts and shoes as well as free tops and shorts for 2nd placers. In total close to $800 […]

A Big Thank You To…

RTV’s first ever CrossFit Throwdown was a hit and we’d like to thank our major sponsor Treadmill Factory! They provided over $500 worth of equipment prizes including kettle weights and foam rollers for all competition placers. Your contributions were vital to this event and we can’t thank you enough!  

CrossFit Throwdown RTVfit 2013

CrossFit Throwdown RTVfit 2013 was held August 25th at the CrossFit Ark in Aurora and boy did we break a sweat! We raised $4,453 with the help of nearly 60 participants in what turned out to be a gruelling albeit fun weekend dedicated to doing whatever it takes to support the village of Rushabara. Truly a great success! […]


  Did you know that millions of girls worldwide drop out of school because of a lack of sustainable feminine hygiene? Without basic sanitation, a girl’s education, health, safety, family, and dignity are threatened. Currently, many women in villages use old clothing, rags, or newspapers to manage their monthly periods. Raising the Village has implemented a pilot project at […]


One size does not fit all. Because every community that we work with is completely unique, a cookie cutter approach just doesn’t cut the mustard. There are so many considerations – from clan and family organization to the physical landscape; from cultural traditions to a community’s vision for the future. Raising The Village is committed to working in tandem […]


Think your commute is long? From Kampala, our team hops onto an overloaded local bus and travels along winding roads and dusty tracks. 12 hours and hundreds of potholes later, they arrive in Kisoro Town, in the South Western corner of Uganda. Getting to Kisoro Town is the easy part. From Kisoro Town, our team […]


Show me the honey! In Uganda, poor soil has forced villages to clear forest for land. The shrinking forest has forced elephants onto fields – putting both humans and elephants at risk. A single raid can leave a family without food for six months. Interestingly, elephants are naturally afraid of bees. These fences integrate beehives into their design, providing […]


“WASH YOUR HANDS!” It’s even more important in tiny Ugandan villages than it is here in Canada. Unfortunately, hand washing can be difficult in a place like Nanga. Many of the communities we work in have no running water and limited or difficult access to clean water. Luckily, Raising The Village has a plan. We call it WASH training, […]


Written by: Clare Lovelace Raising The Village’s Big 5 event was a huge success with almost 200 people in attendance at the Hotel Ocho in downtown Toronto. With so many like minded people in one space the atmosphere was electrified with the buzz of passionate conversation and the generation of fresh ideas. African drummers stole the […]


Written by: Clare Lovelace Safe drinking water – here in Canada it’s one thing we almost all take for granted. If we’re feeling thirsty we just go the nearest tap, turn it on, fill a glass and drink. It really couldn’t get any easier. If you happened to live in Kagezi you would be collecting […]


Written by: Clare Lovelace There has been a great deal of activity in the village of Nanga over the last few months as the Grace Orphanage and Daycare renovations are completed. Two new classrooms have now been built and repairs have been made to existing walls, windows, floors and the rain water harvesting tanks. These […]


Written by: Clare Lovelace The last time we checked in with the villages of  Kagezi and Murole the goat cooperatives had been established and training sessions had taken place. The goats have now arrived and with the help of a local vet, the communities have been busy tagging and immunizing the herd.  As the goats reproduce the […]


Written by: Clare Lovelace Take a moment and imagine being completely reliant on your own plot of land. Here in Canada if we are unable to grow our own food we will probably not go hungry. In fact the majority of the population are completely reliant on restaurants and supermarkets and never have to think […]


Written by: Clare Lovelace The village of Kagezi nestles in the hills near the volatile Congo border in Southwest Uganda and is one of the newest villages to join the Raising The Village family.  Like so many of the remote villages we work with, challenges include poor accessibility and limited access to safe water, healthcare […]


Raising The Village’s second annual event will be taking place on Friday, May 24th. Save the date and join us for a spectacular evening. This year, we would like to extend the invitation to your family and friends so tell’em to save the date too!


Want to fundraise for the holidays but need a few ideas? Good, because it just so happens we’ve thrown a few successful fundraisers in our time and would love to give you a few ideas. Which is why we’ve launched our ‘Fundraiser Ideas Kit’ – filled with great ideas to get your fundraiser rolling. What […]


On our fourth day in Kisoro we decided to visit three villages instead of our usual pace of one. Luckily without the remoteness of Kanyamahene and Murole and the African downpour, the shortened travel time and sun made for a welcomed change. But also, because we had to visit three villages, Claudia and I had […]


Kanga is located in Nkokonjeru (which means “white chicken”) and is approximately 50 km southeast from Mukono. We took a minibus (referred to as taxis) from Mukono and it was the bumpiest ride to date. Somehow the conductor managed to cram a 14-seater bus with 21 people! I was thankful to still feel my knees […]

UGANDA 2011: iPhone

Prior to leaving for Uganda, I was debating for a while whether or not to bring along my iPhone. I’m really glad that I chose to bring it. After our first day on site, we learnt that our hopes for candids were going to be hard to attain. Being a mzungu (person of foreign descent), […]


With two weeks to go before we leave, we’re all anxious, excited and thick into preparations. We’ve got all our vaccinations and are checking our gear and battery packs. Don’t want to be surprised by non-functional cameras! But we wanted to take a minute and tell you how amazing you are. Shawn, Claudia, Wilson and […]