Alan LiuAlan Liu
Executive Director

One of Raising The Village’s founding board members, Alan has served the organization in every capacity as one of its most dedicated volunteers. Prior to his appointment to Executive Director in 2015, he worked in a diverse set of non-profit, social enterprise, and charitable organizations focusing on effecting change, particularly for people living on the margins. Alan holds an HBA from Wilfrid Laurier, and M. Div. from Tyndale Seminary. [this write up is so serious]

Shawn Holden Cheung
Managing Director and Founder

Not one for photos, Shawn suggested we keep using a photo from 7 years ago but we had to break it to him he doesn’t look like that anymore. We’ve settled on a more “recent” photo.

Clement Mugisha
Deputy Director of Programs

As a former ranger for the Uganda Wildlife Association and a Community Development Officer for over 10 years, Clement is a man of the people. If you plan on walking with Clement to your next meeting, leave at least 30 minutes earlier, because you’ll be chatting with half the village en route. #lessonlearned

Agnes Mukamusoni
Deputy Head of Office, Kanungu

Our officers hail from all corners of Uganda, but one thing they share in common is that Agnes is their Raising The Village mum. She makes sure our team eats breakfast, has packed the right gear for fieldwork, and makes sure their shirts are tucked in.

Esther Ageno

Finance and Administration Manager

Esther’s passion for balancing books has added up in a big way for RTV. Our math ninja trained in the Masters of Accounting sorts out our in-country finances and operations without breaking a sweat. She calculates numbers so quickly, they get tired.

Remmie KagwaRemmie Kagwa
Deputy Head of Office, Kisoro

Our statesperson, Remmie brings the polish and tact to our rough and tumble group.  With a degree in Adult and Community Education and a Masters in Development, Remmie’s passionate about motivating communities and gender equality. Got a problem that needs solving? She’ll help you see the light.

Jolly Nyiramahoro
Senior Project Officer, Kisoro

At Raising The Village, everybody knows Jolly gets the toughest assignments. That’s because even when the outcome seems impossibly difficult, she always finds a way get it done.  If you look up Closer in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of her there.

Paul Nzerebende
Senior Planning & Evaluation Officer, Kisoro

Recently voted RTV’s Toughest Officer by his peers, this is the guy you want beside you when you’re stranded in the middle of the jungle at nightfall during the rainy season. And to think, we found this guy doing Excel in a cubicle at a Kampala bank wearing a fancy suit… that may have been a little too tight.

Aine Evans
Planning & Evaluation Officer, Kisoro

Alex Akiri
Project Officer, Kisoro

Babra Kiconco
Project Officer, Kisoro

Doreen Ndagano
Project Officer, Kisoro

Emmanuel Basabose
Planning & Evaluation Officer, Kanungu

Evelyn Ejang
Project Officer, Kisoro District   *Voted Best Teammate*

Originally from northern Uganda, we were so wowed by Evelyn, she joined the RTV field team despite being unable to speak a single word of the local languages. Evelyn showed up to the village, learned the dialect overnight and started leading communities the next day. No big deal.

John Nkunzima
Project Officer, Kisoro

Kevin Aughtry

Kevin Aughtry
Finance Director

Lawrence EenguLawrence Eengu
Administrative Assistant

We’re not sure why this is the only photo we have of Lawrence but when you meet him, you just can’t help but smile back. The friendliest, upbeat, polite human you will ever meet. With the best manners on the team, he’s our go-to representative for tea with the Queen… whenever she’s in town.

Peninah Nyiramugisha
Project Officer, Kisoro

Sarah Nabassa
Human Resource Officer

Sheldom Tumwine
Project Officer, Kisoro

Timothy Ahumuza
Planning & Evaluation Officer, Kisoro

Yvonne Iraguha

Project Officer, Kanungu

Walter Tumwesigye

Project Officer, Kanungu

Milliam Korukiiko – Project Officer

Brain Munanura  – Project Officer

Priscilla Muhawenimana  – Project Officer

Elizabeth Mukankut – Project Officer

Beninah Byurugaba – Project Officer

Daniel Mukiza – Project Officer

Naboth Mugisha – Project Officer

Kelvin Aruho – Project Officer

Dan Hafashima – Project Officer

Immaculate Cyazikora – Project Officer

Constantine Born – Planning and Evaluation Officer

Naboth Amutuheire – Procurement Officer

Evaristo Kamberaho – Finance Officer

Abigail Kasiime – Administrative Assistant

So many new faces! Come back soon and see who else is joining us!

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In January of 2005, the course of my life felt certain: I was in line to receive my undergraduate degree, had been recruited by a major consulting firm, a signing bonus in my pocket and the excitement of the big city lights within my grasp. And yet I couldn’t help but wonder if this life held something more than the career ahead. In need of perspective, on a whim, I reached out to a grassroots microfinance outfit in Uganda. Within 24 hours, I received an invitation to join them, and a week later, I was on the ground curious to find what else was out there.

Back home, references to Uganda were still clouded by the reputation of a former dictator, but it was clear to see he was a largely forgotten figure in the hustle and bustle of trying to make it through the day for most Ugandans. What was real, was that 85% of the population was living below the extreme poverty line. Translated into dollars, this meant most citizens were trying to sustain themselves on less than $1.25 US per day, barely enough to cover the cost for a few bowls of rice and vegetables, nevermind frivolous things like clothing, transportation, healthcare, or education.

This reality presented itself to time and time again as we visited our partners in last-mile Uganda, stay long enough and it begins to feel ‘normal’. For me, the struggle was personified through my friendship with Stephen. Despite our shared age, Stephen’s positivity, and energy was unrivaled, you never met anyone this enthusiastic to help or hopeful of tomorrow. When we weren’t holding on for dear life while riding over makeshift roads in the back of a beat-up old pick-up truck, we had a lot of time for conversation. With some prodding, Stephen would share with me his struggles to finish school because he couldn’t afford tuition and his challenges securing a paying job because of his lack formal skills.

After finishing a particularly long day in the field, I found Stephen slumped under a banana tree uncharacteristically quiet and visibly upset. Having already boiled over with frustration, Stephen exclaimed, “I have so many good ideas. I know what I want to do…I just need somebody to show me how.”

Stephen – like so many Ugandans – was bright, motivated, and hardworking. He wasn’t looking for a handout but for just a little bit of guidance to make it on his own. Those few words would go on to inspire the founding of Raising The Village. At its core, Raising The Village is about creating the opportunities for people to make choices and a have a real chance at this life regardless of wherever you are in the world.




With more than 30 years of financial services experience Cheryl shares a broad business skill set from her roles across a number of business lines including asset management, capital markets, human resources and domestic banking. In her current role as Vice President, National Accounts at Dynamic Funds Cheryl has responsibility for strategic management of a portfolio of industry leading clients. Her not for profit volunteer work has been with a focus on Africa following her daughter’s experience building schools in Kenya in 2009 and her own Africa trip in 2013 where she had a unique opportunity to spend time with the founders of a number of volunteer organizations. Working with organizations that can make a sustainable difference led Cheryl to join the board of RTV in February 2015.

Ciaran McGeown B.Sc., CA

Ciaran McGeown is a Manager of Corporate Expenses at Manulife Financial where he is responsible for providing reporting, analysis and budgeting to senior management. With his B.Sc. in Accounting from Queen’s University Belfast, Chartered Accountant designation and past experience as a mentor for the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council program, Ciaran has proved himself a beneficial member of the RTV finance team and brings us significant insight and knowledge to best practices.


Over his 30 years in the financial industry, Dan Richards built and sold two start-up companies and was CEO of a public company. His not for profit experience includes three years as Vice Chair of the City of Toronto Planning Board, serving on the board of Big Brothers of Toronto and five terms on the campaign cabinet of the United Way of Greater Toronto. Dan holds an undergraduate degree in economics from McGill and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Since 1992 he has been an award winning instructor in the MBA program at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. Dan is chair of the fundraising committee of Raising the Village.


Dermot Muir is an experienced General Counsel Leader with the unique ability to balance strategy/operations, results/people and legal expertise/innovation. He served for 10 years as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary to Infrastructure Ontario (IO) a world leader in infrastructure finance and public private partnerships. He was the principal architect of the legal services for IO’s $7B pooled financing loan programme, one of the largest such programmes in North America and was also responsible for legal services for the Province of Ontario’s real estate portfolio, the second largest in Canada. Dermot serves on several NFP Boards and has a long history of involvement in corporate governance.


John Phyper has over 25 years of experience in the management of high growth companies and is currently the EVP of Sales, Marketing and Alliances at Intelex Technologies – a software company that specializes in solutions for environmental, health and safety quality issues. Additionally, John has co-authored seven books relating to environmental issues, his latest of which was released in 2009 and is entitled “Good to Green”.

Ian Steaman A.B.

Ian Steaman works in partnership development for music and brand marketing agency, Embrace in Toronto. He graduated with honors from Harvard College with an A.B. in Economics and spent 17 years working in the music industry, most notably for the seminal dance and hip-hop record label, Tommy Boy records where he worked on several platinum & Grammy award winning albums and for the Sony Music label, Jive records (home of Justin Timberlake, R. Kelly, Usher and Outkast) where he guided multiple projects to the top of the charts. Ian brings his experience in the areas of branding & marketing, including social media strategy, to Raising the Village’s marketing efforts.


Shortly after graduating from university, Shawn began working with a grassroots micro-finance organization in rural Uganda partnering with village leadership and communities to realize their goals and priorities. Upon his return to Canada, Shawn joined Accenture as a management consultant, where he advised Fortune 500 firms on process design, strategic planning and business transformation within retail and product sectors. He currently leads RTV’s programs methodology and partnerships. Shawn holds an H.B. Commerce from McMaster University and MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.


Viraj Desai’s 25 years+ management and consulting experience spans leadership and consulting roles in healthcare organizations, in Deloitte’s Strategy and Operations consulting practice and at her own consulting company “CIM Professional Services Inc”. Her areas of expertise include strategic planning, operational and program reviews and corporate performance measurement across industry areas including public sector, retail, infrastructure, and telecommunications. Viraj currently sits on the Board of a large regional healthcare facility. She also provides mentorship to entrepreneurs with mental health challenges as part of a Rotman program. Viraj was born in Uganda. This combined with her familiarity with the developing world and her vast business experience led her to join the RTV Board.




Rohit Ramchandani B.Sc. MPH,

Dr Ramchadran is a Public Health advisor for ColaLife, a member of the Innovation Working Group at UNSG Global Strategy for Maternal and Child Health and a Principal at Antara Global Health Advisors. His diverse experience in the field of public health has not only won him the Georgeda Buchbinder Research Award from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and holds his Doctorate of Public Health from John Hopkins. His dedication and breadth of knowledge continually benefits the RTV team.

Dr. Atif Kubursi M.Sc. Ph.D.

Dr. Kubursi has been a Professor of Economics at McMaster University for over 3 decades and is the President of Econometric Research Limited which he founded in 1972. Additionally, Dr. Kubursi has been a Senior Development Officer for the United Nations Industrial Organization and his experiences through several UNIDO missions has swept him across Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan and Egypt. His vast knowledge of globalization and economic development issues makes him a vital advisor to our team.




Raising The Village was founded on the strength of volunteers who made great sacrifices to help others opportunities to realize their goals. Every member of our team contributes invaluable skills, talents and countless hours to making Raising The Village what it is today.

Here’s a shout-out to all our unheralded volunteers who currently share their expertise with us.


Hosanna Aughtry
Miko Sumogang
Sam Lui
Tyler Ashby


Lindsey Hutchison


Adam Todd
Keith Burkhardt


Brendan Maynard
Christian Carter
Jennifer Au
Mark Klassen
Michelle Siu



Raising The Village is merely an idea without its partners. With great appreciation and admiration, we thank our partners for their insight, generosity, and collaborative spirit. Together, we share a vision of a world without extreme poverty.


the Greater Impact Foundation


the Peter Cundill Foundation


David Weekley Family Foundation

Segal Family Foundation

the Genesis Fund


Imago Dei Fund

Pace Family Foundation

Planet Wheeler Foundation

Ryan Cooper Family Foundation