Grace: our new sign

Grace: A New Sign Post! Now their new breaktime host!

Grace kids at the sign post

Grace: our new sign
Grace: our new sign

Recently, Grace Daycare and orphanage school received a signpost to help the people in the village as well as passers-by to know about Grace and what it has done and is still doing for the community.  It was made from the nearest trading centre and once it was finished it was transported to the school.

Once at the school, the students and the teachers were very excited about the new development and they suggested and offered to paint the stands/supporting poles new colours of blue and red because the school uniforms are of those colours.  Liz decided that this wasn’t such a bad idea and so they did the work.  Once this was finished, preparations were made to set the sign post up using concrete and it was set up for everyone to see soon after that.

As of now, it is up and despite the fact that most schools have sign posts, this was Grace’s first.  The excitement shown by both the students and the teachers when it was set up was proof that it was the first of a kind to be put up at Grace.  The students (especially the young ones), for these past couple of days have been playing and resting near it while checking it out with such great excitement.  When asked why they were acting like they had never seen a sign post before by the teachers, the students answered that yes, they had seen sign posts before (for other schools) but they had never seen one with the name of their school on it and that is why they were very excited.  Now they believe that their school too will be like all the other schools in their area (with its own sign post) and they get to talk about it at their homes and with their friends from other schools.

I am sure that eventually they are going to get used to it and that they will eventually spend less time around/near it, however for now, the new sign post is their new friend and they have never been any happier.


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