Imagine if someone you cared about fell sick. What would you do? Probably take them to see the doctor.
This is a simple and logical course of action for the majority of people in Canada today.
Unfortunately this basic decision is not within the grasp of many people in Kanyamahene.Without access to medical facilities Kanyamahene the community faces high rates of 0-5 mortality, diarrhea leading to dehydration and sometimes death and other preventable diseases. It is estimated that over 40% of women in the region die on transit to clinics due pregnancy/birthing related complications. In response to such challenges Kanyamahene villagers have developed a social system to attempt to satisfy this growing need. When a member of the community falls ill all the men in the community help carry a stretcher by foot over a mud slicked makeshift road over 15 kilometers to the nearest clinic – until now.

Kanyahemene learning to bike

Raising The Village has been partnering with Kanyamahene community members to start a Bicycle Ambulance program. This basic intervention will not only help increase the community’s access to health care but will also decrease the number of people and time spent travelling per trip, freeing time for income generation. On April 4, 2012 RTV staff were able to deliver a working bicycle ambulance which will be managed and maintained by the community’s newly formed Health Committee.

We are all looking forward to the significant impact that such a small gesture can have.

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