Partnership Is a Powerful Word

Written By: Ashley Macey

Partnership is a powerful word.  Although people usually think of partnership as two parties working together to achieve common goals its connotations push it beyond a literal definition. Partnership suggests a sense of equality—that every voice involved is heard and respected.

This definition couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to our partner villages. Without the help of the villagers, none of the goals could be achieved. That’s why we at Raising The Village are proud to stand by our partners. We want to encourage all people in our project communities to speak up and be heard. Our goal is to empower locals to take ownership in their communities and push for change long after the volunteers leave. That way in 5, 10 or even 15 years the structures or practices that the locals have developed alongside Raising The Village will be self-sustainable and a point of pride in the village.

That’s why we partner with amazing people doing great work in their communities such as Regina Mukiibi and Grace Daycare and Orphanage in the Nanga village. Instead of making decisions with deaf ears, we strongly encourage every person to stand up and have a voice for their community. By listening to the needs and concerns of the people who know the environment, we are able to pool our assets together and inspire real change.

Since partnering with Regina Mukiibi, Grace Daycare has now become economically self-sufficient and continues to change the lives of children in Nanga.

Do you know of any organizations that are doing a great job of empowering people? Let us know by leaving a comment or contacting us through Twitter or Facebook!

The women of Kanyamahene one of RTV's partner villages.

The women of Kanyamahene one of RTV’s partner villages.

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