This is the beautiful Kanyahamene

Kanyamahene (Khan-ya-ma-hen-eh)

We have all been working hard to get a community project off the ground in the small village of
Kanyamahene and in the flurry of project planning, sourcing materials and ramping up we have been a
little radio silent about this community and their hopes and dreams so here it is:

Kanyamahene, a community in the southwestern Kisoro region of Uganda, is located over 35 kilometers
from the nearest town center accessible only by mud slicked makeshift mountain roads. This community
earns on average less the $0.25 a day which has resulted in high rates of malnutrition, illness and low
rates of literacy within the community. Community members in this remote village explained that there
are three main challenges that perpetuate the extreme poverty they face every day:

• Lack of access to health facilities
• Decreased yields caused by animal raids and environmental damage
• Lack of access to potable water and sanitation

Like all RTV partner communities though, villagers had some ideas about solutions to help overcome
these barriers and have been regularly helping RTV form appropriate and self-sustaining responses.

• Bicycle Ambulance Program and Health Outreach to increase access to health facilities
• A bee hive fence to decrease large animal raids as well as increase agricultural yields and household income
• A goat cooperative to decrease animal raids and increase household income
• Improved access to a community reliable water source to increase water consumption and decrease water related diseases.

We know that with the commitment of the community and with a little help from RTV dedicated staff
we can make a real change in this community – a change that will last forever.

– find out more about Kanyahamene on our work page

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